Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge award recipients

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Congratulations to the following Year 3-12 students who received awards in the Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge, which was held at the College last month.

Junior School 


Year 3-4
Ava Baker
Meg Brewer
Laine Debnam
Jade Frais
Izabella Jankowiak
Charlotte Poulson
Billie Salter
Sarah Thomas
Leni Vagg

Year 5-6
Madeleine Ambrose
Lili Castellana
Amelia Dickman
Adalia Hauler
Isabelle Hoggett
Grace Marshall
Stella Menjivar
Tina Purves
Jessica Smith


Year 3-4
Zoe Argyropoulos
Lola Wills
Beatrix Clarke
Lucy Hofler
Zoe Brooks
Milena Mackay
Trixie Millhouse
Holly Richardson
Ava Baker
Georgina Stringer
Charlotte Mika

Year 5-6
Lucy Booth
Taylah Hayes
Zyla Williams
Darcy Foale
Sophie Kitto
Jessica Skinner
Ella Grice
Kate Holloway
Anna Fracalossi
Emma Grubb
Holly Teale
Caitlin Wimmer
Ines Cruz
Grace Fogarty
Bianca Nichols

Senior School

High Distinction

Year 7-8
Ellie Woodward
Cecilia Hutchinson


Year 7-8
Zoe Banks
Elsie Oswin
Meg Pinelli
Teresa Smith
Eliza Topham
Emily Walter

The winning house will be presented with the trophy at the next whole school assembly.

Fun facts about the Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge

  1. The Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Challenge started in Australia in 2014 through the CSIRO Education & Outreach program, Digital Careers. However, the Bebras Challenge has a long and world-wide history.
  2. Founded in 2004 by Professor Valentina Dagiene from University of Vilnius in Lithuania, the first Bebras challenge involved 3470 students from 146 schools.
  3. The Bebras Challenge has grown so much that there are now almost 60 countries, with more than 1.6 million students, participating last year alone!
  4. In case you’re wondering, Bebras is the Lithuanian word for ‘beaver’.
  5. The International Bebras Community chose this name because beavers endeavour for perfection in their everyday activities. They are known to be hard working and intelligent, so it’s only right that the challenge be named after them.

To find out more, please visit the website:

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