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150 Faces of SMC – special offer

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Still haven’t got around to ordering yourself a copy of the 150 Faces of St Mary’s College book? It’s not too late!

This beautifully written coffee table book is a thoughtful gift for any SMC alumni who still holds St Mary’s close to their heart.

For a limited time in 2020, we are offering our community the exciting opportunity to order two books for the price of one, for just $45.

To get your hands on a copy of the book, and to take advantage of this special offer, download an order form:

To find out more about 150 Faces of St Mary’s College, please visit the Alumni page on the College website here.


Update from the Sports Coordinators

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Great news, everyone! We’ve been given the go-ahead to open our Term 3 Junior and Senior Sports registrations. What a great feeling to be back to (almost) normal!

As you can imagine, things will look and work slightly differently when the rosters start back up. Over the past couple of weeks, the Sports department has been working on a school-specific return to sport strategy. Taking into consideration the guidelines and recommendations outlined by our respective Junior and Senior Sporting Associations (JSATIS and SATIS), state sporting organisations, as well as local government, we are confident our safety guidelines and protocols will enable the safe return to school sport for all of our students.

Once confirmed and signed off, we will share all of the relevant information and guidelines to ensure players, parents and officials can return to sport in a safe and practical manner. Compliance will be a key factor in ensuring everyone’s safety, so we ask all players and parents to please familiarise themselves with the guidelines, especially when visiting other schools and/or venues.

Regional basketball tournaments

We have not yet received any correspondence from Basketball Tasmania regarding the regional and state tournaments. If they go ahead, we will send out separate registrations.

Junior School sport








Listed in the table below are the sports offered in the Junior School for Term 3. We are still awaiting confirmation of a starting date for basketball, and I will update this as soon as it is received. The hockey roster is being offered by Hockey Tasmania in place of the Term 2 roster – this is an independently run roster and there is a fee for families. Further information will be emailed to families shortly.



Hockey Saturday 1 August
3-4 Basketball

6 August (TBC)
1 August

5-6 Basketball
6 August (TBC)

The link to the registration form can be found here: Term 3 Sport Registrations – JUNIOR SCHOOL

Alternatively, you can also head to the St Mary’s College website and sign up from there via the Sport/Activity Sign Up link.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding Term 3 sport in the Junior School. You can contact me at or 6108 2560 (please note, my days of work are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday).

I look forward to receiving sports registrations for your child/ren to participate in Term 3 sport for St Mary’s College.

Fiona Rhodes
Sports Coordinator – Junior Sport

Senior School sport

Listed in the table below are the Term 3 sports on offer for the Senior School. At this stage, we are still working on a start date for the Year 7-12 Southern SATIS sports (Basketball and AFL), which will hopefully be in Week 2 or 3. The hockey rosters are run independently by Hockey Tasmania with confirmed starting dates in Week 2.

Just to note, the 1st grade hockey roster is usually run in Term 2 and on a different day. The new roster will be on a Wednesday afternoon with games starting at either 4.00pm or 5.00pm at the Tasmanian Hockey Centre. Entry of a team will be dependent on the number of registrations we receive.




Either Week 2 or 3
30 July
9-10 Basketball

Either Week 2 or 3
Either Week 2 or 3

11-12 1st grade basketball
2nd grade basketball
1st grade hockey**
Either Week 2 or 3
Either Week 2 or 3
29 July

Senior School athletics update

The Southern and State SATIS Athletics Carnivals are usually held in Term 3. At this stage a state carnival is highly unlikely but schools are considering the possibility of running a modified regional carnival should the government continue to ease restrictions. If given the go ahead, we will share all the relevant information with parents and students.

If you’re keen on trying out a new sport or just looking for something fun, social and active, then school sports is your best option. No previous experience is required and the rosters are only seven or eight weeks long. Best part, it’s also free! So why not have a chat to a couple of your friends and sign up?

The link to the registration form can be found here: Term 3 Sport Registrations – Senior School.

Alternatively, you can also head to the St Mary’s College website and sign up from there via the Sport/Activity Sign Up link.

If you have any questions or queries about Senior School Sport, please do not hesitate to contact me at or 6108 2560. I look forward to receiving all your sports registrations!

Mia Blignaut
Sports Coordinator – Senior Sport

Students get savvy about enterprise

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Usually in Term 2, Year 9 Economics and Business students have the opportunity to plan and run a business as part of the unit. Due to current restrictions, they instead ran an online workshop through the Youth Change Agents’ Academy of Enterprising Girls Virtual Program. St Mary’s College was one of two schools to participate in Tasmania, with support from the event team via live chat and video on Microsoft Teams.

The class took part in this full-day workshop on Friday 19 June. In groups, students participated in a real-world application of the design thinking process. The projects were required to be a response to the situations we now face in light of changes due to COVID-19.

The groups developed some enterprising ideas, including a news ‘fact checker’ app to weed out incorrect COVID-19 updates and only provide the correct and accurate news media for public consumption.

One group created a Dark Mofo-inspired online virtual experience of the highly popular, and very much missed, winter festival, which would feature online artist exhibitions, virtual tours and the ability to purchase items from local businesses that would normally feature at the event.

Another group delved into designing an online platform for protesting social justice issues, including racism, at this time when we cannot hold mass gatherings. The platform would provide a place to attend a live, virtual protest; sign petitions and voice opinions in a forum where they are heard and recognised.

Be Your Own Masterpiece – congratulations to our winners!

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The eagerly anticipated results are in!

Running for the first (and only time) this year, the Be Your Own Masterpiece competition challenged artists to remake their favourite masterpiece while in lockdown. Works were then included in the ‘Covid Classics’ virtual exhibition, where their creative exploits were put to public vote. Thanks to Michaela Brighella for collating the near 300 votes in order to determine our winners.

It gives me great pleasure to announce the following winners of the Covid Classics Prize:

Winners of the People’s Choice

Jessica Smith (Year 7)The Scream by Edvard Munch








Lucy Rolls (Year 7)Little Dancer by Edgar Degas







Winner of the Judge’s Choice

Amelia Dickman (Year 7)Little Dutch Girl








Winner of the Packing Room Prize

Nandhini Ramanathan (Year 9)Little Dancer by Edgar Degas








Winner of the Staff Division

Ivano Del Pio – Contemporary







Judge’s Highly Commended

Maya Manaena, (Year 10)La Primavera by Sandro Botticelli

Freya Shanny (Year 7)Ned Kelly by Sidney Nolan

Alicia Dale (Year 7)Madonna and Child

Melanie Bremner (Year 7)Son of Man by Rene Magritte

Sienna Nowland (Year 7)Self-Portrait by Frida Kahlo

Sofia Lumb (Year 7)A Friend in Need by C.M Coolidge

Judge’s Encouragement

Molly Topham (Year 10)Fallen Angel by Banksy

Ivy Lawson (Year 7)The Little Country Maid by Camille Pissaro


Sarah Adams
Learning Area Coordinator – Visual Arts

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