150th anniversary merchandise

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Commemorate our 150th anniversary with an Esther Shohet or Peter Barraclough artwork, cheeseboard, coasters or greeting card.

Local artist Esther Shohet has created an original piece to showcase Hobart’s lively connection to St Mary’s College.

Amongst the historic buildings and many facilities you can see students at play and a nod to the Presentation Sisters foundress, Nano Nagle.

Click here to order your 150th anniversary merchandise items. Order forms can be scanned and emailed to stmarys@smc.tas.edu.au or printed and delivered in person.

Esther Shohet A3 print $17.90
Esther Shohet cheeseboard $17.90
Esther Shohet coasters (set of 4) $25.20
Esther Shohet greeting card $3.30
Peter Barraclough A3 print $15.00

We thank both Peter and Esther for their beautiful contribution to our school and for managing to capture the St Mary’s College spirit in a single image.

To view more of the artists’ work, please visit their websites, which are listed below:


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